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Life Long Learning

Well, folks its been a while, but just dropped by the blog to remind anyone living in the environs of Bandon that I will be facilitating a Taster in Creative Writing Workshop.  It is part of the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival: a week during which a myriad of activities are taking place in various locations around the town.

On Thursday, 6th April, at 2.30pm, at Bandon library, the Taster in Creative Writing takes place. For: all those who’ve meant to write, longed to write, wondered if they might like to write. For writers who’ve never written before, for secret scribblers who’ve never admitted their passion aloud before. In short, for anyone who loves words and loves making them work on the page.

No previous experience is required. It is an informal, fun session, among supportive like-minded others. However, booking is strongly recommended. So, do get in touch with the lovely staff at the library and let them know if you’d like to come along on Thurs. Look forward to seeing you there, if you live locally. If you don’t, then perhaps you’re living in the wrong part of the world and its time to consider a move to scenic inspiration West Cork.

Happy writing


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For those poor unfortunates among you not privileged enough to live in Cork, here’s the link to my article about the official launch of Fighting Words Cork. And the few minutes I managed to get with Roddy Doyle as per last week’s pic.

Keep on keeping on.

Happy writing.


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February 21, 2017 · 10:21 am

Roddy Doyle

Had a wonderful time at Fighting Words Cork yesterday. Roddy Doyle was there to officially launch the project at Graffiti youth theater. I had the pleasure of a short interview with him. Hopefully the Cork Evening Echo will publish my article on the launch and Roddy’s interview.

figthing-words-with-roddy-doyleThanks to Niall Cleary, of Fighting Words, for the pic and a great launch.

It’s an exciting time for things literary in Cork with Fiction at the Friary now happening on the last Sunday of each month.

Happy Writing

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silence of the blogs

Well folks, as one kind reader pointed out to me in a Christmas Card, nothing has been written on this blog since June. That’s over six months ago the message continued, the sender being well aware of my difficulty with numbers. All perfectly true, but it got me thinking why did I stop blogging.

There is no simple answer. And I didn’t so much stop blogging, as much as it seemed there wasn’t very much to say. Perhaps in a world where everyone has an opinion, where Brexit and Trump prevail, it suddenly seemed there were too many words being bandied about. Both in cyberspace and every other space.

And of course my writing. Well, what a grandiose statement. My scribbles and meanderings were also at a standstill. So, basically kind readers, I didn’t have anything to share with you. And certainly nothing to take your minds off the state of the world in which we now live.

Then, that Christmas card woke me up, well three weeks later it did, I’ve always been a bit of a slow reactor. And, now, I do have a couple of snippets of news.

Firstly, am very excited to be volunteering with Fighting Words Cork. This is a creative writing workshop offered to schools to help children tell stories. Fighting Words was founded by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love in 1990 in Dublin. And now finally has come to Cork, thanks to Niall Cleary at Graffiti Theater. The Cork Evening Echo will feature a piece about Fighting Words Cork, written by me, sometime this week. So those who live in this wonderful part of the world may read it, if you feel so inclined.

Another bit of news is my short story ‘A little bit of heaven’ is included in ‘One hundred Voices Volume Two’ published yesterday by Centum Press and available to purchase directly from their website or from Amazon.

In the midst then of a world saturated with thoughts, opinions, news real and fake, there is still room for story.  For story tellers of all ages, for words that inspire and lift up and just generally entertain.

Thanks then kind reader (and you know who you are) for jolting me from the stupor of silence.

Keeping on keeping on.

Happy writing.


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A Lapse of Concentration

Episode #44

Winner of the Kenny/Naughton Short Story Award and the Golden Pen Short Story Award as well as a runner up for numerous others, Mary Rose McCarthy’s voice is beautiful, wise, and rich. We discuss her writing as well as her view of the world in this episode, after she reads her stirringly painful story.

Listen to “A Lapse of Concentration” by Mary Rose McCarthy

Having gone round in circles living in London, Sierra Leone and Dublin, Mary Rose McCarthy is now back where she started in West Cork. She writes in an attempt to make sense of the world.



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From the Well Short Story competition 2016

From The Well Short Story Competition

Entry now open for 2016 competition

Cork County Library and Arts Service is launching the From the Well Short Story competition 2016.  The competition invites entries from writers aged 18 and over who are registered library members. To mark the 1916 Centenary, the theme of this year’s short story competition is Revolution.
Entrants may interpret the theme in its broadest sense.

Twenty stories will be shortlisted by Cork writer Billy O’Callaghan and will be announced in January 2016

A winner from the shortlisted stories will be selected by a panel of judges.
The winning story and the 19 other shortlisted will be published in an anthology in April 2016
The winning story will be the title of this publication

The winning writer will win a place on a week long workshop of their choice at the West Cork Literary Festival 2016 and €250 towards accommodation.

Full details and entry form are available by clicking here.

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Eternal sunset, eternal sunrise

The grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never dried at once; a shower is forever falling; vapour is ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal sunset, eternal dawn and gloaming, on sea and continent and islands, each in its turn, as the round earth rolls.

John Muir.


Always, someone somewhere is awake, reading, writing, listening.  Inspiration never sleeps just need to tap into it and keep plodding on.

Happy writing.


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