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silence of the blogs

Well folks, as one kind reader pointed out to me in a Christmas Card, nothing has been written on this blog since June. That’s over six months ago the message continued, the sender being well aware of my difficulty with numbers. All perfectly true, but it got me thinking why did I stop blogging.

There is no simple answer. And I didn’t so much stop blogging, as much as it seemed there wasn’t very much to say. Perhaps in a world where everyone has an opinion, where Brexit and Trump prevail, it suddenly seemed there were too many words being bandied about. Both in cyberspace and every other space.

And of course my writing. Well, what a grandiose statement. My scribbles and meanderings were also at a standstill. So, basically kind readers, I didn’t have anything to share with you. And certainly nothing to take your minds off the state of the world in which we now live.

Then, that Christmas card woke me up, well three weeks later it did, I’ve always been a bit of a slow reactor. And, now, I do have a couple of snippets of news.

Firstly, am very excited to be volunteering with Fighting Words Cork. This is a creative writing workshop offered to schools to help children tell stories. Fighting Words was founded by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love in 1990 in Dublin. And now finally has come to Cork, thanks to Niall Cleary at Graffiti Theater. The Cork Evening Echo will feature a piece about Fighting Words Cork, written by me, sometime this week. So those who live in this wonderful part of the world may read it, if you feel so inclined.

Another bit of news is my short story ‘A little bit of heaven’ is included in ‘One hundred Voices Volume Two’ published yesterday by Centum Press and available to purchase directly from their website or from Amazon.

In the midst then of a world saturated with thoughts, opinions, news real and fake, there is still room for story.  For story tellers of all ages, for words that inspire and lift up and just generally entertain.

Thanks then kind reader (and you know who you are) for jolting me from the stupor of silence.

Keeping on keeping on.

Happy writing.



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A long pause

Yes it has been a long pause since writing anything to this blog. And I could use all sort of excuses; such as very cold weather, followed by mild weather, followed by cold. Or Easter holidays or walking in Kerry. A myriad of justifications, but who really cares. The bottom line is I’ve been remiss in keeping this blog updated and that’s that. The vagaries of the weather or the seasons is of no consequence.

Anyway am jolted back into blogging by the primal urge to share a bit of good news.  Actually two pieces of good news. Am delighted to have a short piece in the latest issue of Boyne Berries launched at a lovely event in Trim at the end of March. Was pleased to read at the event. A great welcome from current editor Orla Fay and previous editor Michael Farry.

Also delighted to be on the short list of the ‘From The Well’ short story competition run by Cork County Council Library and Arts Service.  In good company with Silke O’ Reilly, Marie Gethins and Barbara Leahy among others. Was on the short list last year also. All twenty short listed stories were published in an anthology launched at the library headquarters in Cork.  A similar anthology is planned for this year with details later in the year.

As for getting any actual writing done. Well, almost none is the answer to that.  But this week am determined to get back on track. Which sounds vaguely familiar, like an echo of something I’ve said before! Surely not?

Meanwhile have just finished reading ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ by Emma Healy. Stunning read.

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