Breathing New Life

Almost a month has passed since I wrote anything to this blog. Somehow the days became weeks became months without my noticing.  And if I’ve not been paying attention I can’t have been doing much writing as writing is paying attention. However, Spring is officially here thanks to our Patron Saint, Brigid. The evenings are longer, the birds are trilling the dawn and daffodils bloom along the verges.

The new shoots are not confined to the natural world. Following a recent workshop with poet Afric McGlinchey I’ve begun rewriting a story that has had me in its grip for over a year.  Afric’s advice to cut and cut and cut means I’ve taken whole chunks out of the story. More advice to omit all back story means another whole swathe was scythed.

Then I changed the tense and rearranged the order of some paragraphs and the story came alive. It has more energy which means I have more energy writing it. The rewritten story now begins somewhere else entirely. While the protagonist and setting remain the same the theme is from a different angle. And its not finished yet; so who knows the POV could yet change, as may the location.  The possibilities are endless.

Breathing new life into old stories enlivens writing, as nature enlivens the landscape. New growth spurts up everywhere.

Happy writing.


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