Rewriting slump

Well, started off at a great gallop on the rewrite of the Sierra Leone novel. Put the first draft completely away and just sat down and started writing. Everything is changed even some of the characters names. The major plot no longer involves diamond mining. And the words just flowed along day after day until before I knew it I had hit 10,000 words.

Then, as always happens, life intervened. Got a bad sinus infection. My head felt it belonged to someone else. It was hard to think clearly or at all. Almost impossible to write when each breath felt as if I was smothering under a weight of pillows. There is nothing to do in that situation but sit it out. Add a good dose of self pity to amplify the truly miserable feeling. And of course self medicate with any legal chemical substance. Anything at all to stop the deafening, deadening headache and the dislocated sense of walking on a water bed.

Only now emerging, over two weeks later, with clear head and even clearer sinus. But it is hard to pick up where I left off, hard to get back into the rhythm of the writing and the pace of the novel.  Most days its a battle of faith to keep on mining the words, honing the story until one day it will be finished. Finished and ready to see the light of day.

Meanwhile all I can do is write on and guard against the vagaries of winter with its hazards of lurgy and sinus.

Keep on plodding on.

Happy writing.


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One response to “Rewriting slump

  1. Good to know you are on the right side of it Mary Rose, keep mining, you’ll have a diamond of a novel once it’s complete.
    Hope all the Bandonites are safe from the deluge?


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