Just for Fun

This blog is a year in existence: as with all anniversaries it is a time to pause and take stock. Reflect on the last year; the highs and lows. Look forward to the next year; the hopes and expectations.

Much has happened in the last year, including a five week sojourn to Sierra Leone which was one of the reasons for starting a blog.  In rewriting the novel set in that country the words come dropping slowly. Or at times not at all.

For the most part there has been consistency in keeping up a weekly schedule of posting to this blog. Apart from a week here or there where life interrupted the flow. At times it felt scary marshaling my thoughts into coherence and launching them into the world.

Daunting as it may be it is also great fun. Writing for me is great fun. Even when I’m writing very dark pieces, which is my métier, there is pleasure in creating imaginary lives in imaginary worlds. Writing and reading are leisure activities.  Reading a make believe world must be a satisfying experience for the reader.

This can only happen when there is fun and joy and laughter during the creating. And yes there is also blood sweat and tears.

Looking forward to another year of make believe, of not taking myself too seriously, of putting words on the page.  Just for fun.

Happy writing.


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