Flying or Plodding

Beth Tyrrell, winner of this year’s Francis MacManus short story award, read last evening as part of the Engage Bandon Arts Festival. She began with some of her poetry that shaped the winning story ‘The Oyster Catchers’. Her reading captivated the appreciative audience in the wonderful space upstairs at Mary Rose’s café. It was an inspiring evening; listening to lyrical poetry and hearing the process of how a winning story was made.

Earlier in the week someone suggested that I change this blog to flying writer rather than plodding writer. Apart from the fact that it’s not that easy to rename a blog the name is part of my identity.  It’s been plodding writer for almost a year now. And it does capture my writing process. Plodding along.

The doldrums which captured me in a sea of despondency earlier in the month are shifting slightly. Readings at Cork International short story festival last week and at Engage last night, are a breath of fresh of air.  Chatting to other writers about their inspiration and practice and then hearing them read is always inspirational.   Paul McVeigh, one of the writers I met in Cork, told me that his novel, due out in 2015, took fifteen years to bring to fruition.  Persevere is Paul’s advice.

Writing is a solitary activity.  Meeting other like minded individuals in an atmosphere of creativity gives new energy. Thus armed with advice, encouragement and the admonition to keep on keeping on, it is time to resurrect the dust coated WIP in need of rewriting.

And that’s where I’ll start. Today. By re reading the whole manuscript, putting it away and then begin rewriting from scratch.  There is nothing else for it except to begin. To sit down and write. Then rewrite. Then rewrite again.  And again ad infinitum till the story is told and told well.

Which is why plodding writer seems so apt.  If the writing ever flies then perhaps I’ll consider a blog name change.

Plod on.

Happy writing.


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