Writing Weather

No, this is not a post about writing meteorological reports. Rather it is a musing about whether weather affects writing. Or more accurately when and how we write. This has been a very good summer of sunshine, blue skies and sparkling seas.  It’s the kind of weather we’ve not seen too much of during recent Irish summers.

With all that free Vit D and iodine calling it hasn’t always been easy to stay shut up indoors with just the lap top and cawing of the crows for company.  In the last two days the weather has changed, grey-sky dampness, outbursts of torrential rain and some mizzle.  That’s my sister’s expression for something between a mist and a drizzle and is copyrighted. Just in case you’re thinking of appropriating it for your latest WIP.

So back to weather. Given that it is not outdoor weather this two last days don’t assume I’ve been huddled with my laptop creating the next bestseller. Sadly the lazy routine of picnics and sea swimming means I’m even less motivated to sit at a keyboard.

The only conclusion I can arrive at is: to write in all weathers, everyday even Sunday. This is the advice of any workshop or any creative writing book. Write no matter what.

Which I will do. Tomorrow. Depending on the weather forecast.

What does anyone else think?  Does the weather affect writing habits and practices.

Whatever the weather. Plod on.

Happy writing.


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