Soap Operas

Purely in the interests of research watched a few soaps last night. Not having watched any for some weeks it was, as always, very easy to slot back into the story line despite missing episodes.  Dialogue and realistic one line liners are the great hall mark of soaps so they do make for interesting watching from that point of view.

Was struck last evening with the fact that in both soaps the ‘letter in the post’ played pivotal parts.  In at least four households (two in each drama) bundles of letters fell through the mail box to be read before breakfast.  Granted one was a court summons, the other an appointment to attend for life changing surgery, another an invitation to attend a WW1 commeration. We weren’t privy to what the rest of the mail bundles contained.  However, in this day and age of electronic communication, including most utility bills, is it realistic to have bundles of envelopes shoved through people’s doors?  Am I alone in not receiving snail mail every weekday?  Even rejections are of the electronic variety.

This got me thinking of timelines in story and novel. The quotidian, apparent trivia, such as whether the mail man delivers or not add authenticity and a sense of time and place to the story.  Stories set in contemporary times are bound to have less mail than those set even a few years ago.

Or is it just me and every body else still gets heaps of post every day?

Plod on.

Happy writing


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