Blank screens

Beginning any new piece of writing is daunting. Whether it be a new chapter, poem or short story, the blank screen or blank page looms white and empty.  Ideas and words teem in the mind but extracting them in any semblance of coherence is easier said than done. Best sentences form  usually in the middle of the night, or some other time, when a notebook is not near at end. Convinced they are such gems that they won’t be forgotten I file them away in the dank recesses of my subconscious.  When I sit to write my fingers itch to begin.  The blank screen stares at me. I stare blankly back trying to dredge up similes or metaphors or turns of phrase that will make the writing jump off the page. My subconscious appears to have deleted the gems filed there in the dead of night.

After a lifetime of staring and despairing into the blankness, I type a word, then another, soon there is one sentence which begets another. A paragraph, a page, the project is begun.

Energy and excitement keep the momentum going. It may not be any good. That is a decision to be made at the editing stage. For now it is pure imagination and creativity.

Plodding on.

Happy writing.



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  1. It’s a pretty big nutshell as lots of us seem to fit in it!


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