Dialogue can be a blunt instrument

All of us blurt out things at times without thinking. Or react to what we think has been said rather than what has actually been said. And our characters are no different. Speech can be a ‘one size fits’ all blunt instrument. Skilled communicators on the other hand can tailor their message to suit the audience.  Gauging the listeners reaction they can further modulate the message so that they only impart information they feel the listener can absorb.

How do the characters in Cast a Long Shadow communicate?  Not just the speech pattern, words and syntax unique to them but also their ability to get the message across. Some are the one size fits all kind and will just say what needs to be said without considering the impact. Others are more skilled and capable of nuanced conversation. It is important to attribute these different skills in keeping with the other characteristics of the main players.  A good persuader is unlikely to be one who blurts out the first thing that pops into her head.  Equally someone who thinks and talks ‘off the top of their head’ is unlikely to be able to bring others along with her when action needs to be taken.


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  1. Brenda

    Excellent article.


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