Finding a way in

Finding a way to start again in the rewrite of Cast a Long Shadow isn’t easy. There are many false starts and blind alleys.  When the imagination isn’t fully charged (for whatever reason) then the thing to do is to write fact. No, it is a work of fiction, but within fiction there are many layers of fact or truth. Setting for instance even if imaginary can be based on an actual place. So write a description of place. Now at least there is a ‘stage’ on which the characters can interact. 

Dialogue is often based on ‘real’ scraps of overheard conversation. Put ‘real’ words into the mouths of characters. Now not only is the stage set but the characters have something to say for themselves.  Piece by piece, at times word by word, the rewrite can take shape.

Finding a way in, or out the other end, is only a matter of going through.  Through the maze that is the first draft. Keeping some and discarding other scenes. Writing new scenes as the characters and story reveal themselves in a slightly different way this time round.

Keep on plodding on.

Happy writing.


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  1. There is so much going on in this head and being a total amateur in the art of writing any hints are more than welcome.


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