Mining the notebooks

Note books pile up around me- containers of random thoughts, quotations, observations on nature. Words piling on words gathering layers- of dust if not meaning. They are repositories of the next big idea just waiting for discovery. And waiting they remain as I keep meaning to getting around to reading back over them. Or using quotes from them or noting what date the swallows arrived last year.

So this Easter weekend, as swallows swoop in a clear blue sky and cherry blossom dances in the easterly breeze, the plan is to mine the notes and rescue some of the gems jotted down at various junctures.  It will be interesting to see what, if anything, they yield up in the way of inspiration but at the very least it will be one thing crossed of the growing to do list.

Making the trawl even more rewarding is the mound of Easter Egg chocolate broken into bite sized pieces, ready and waiting as an accompaniment to this pleasant past-time.

Possibly displacement activity?  Eating chocolate? Definitely.  Image

Happy writing



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