Random images and words from Sierra Leone

Two weeks have passed since I left Sierra Leone.  Many pleasant memories of my time there float upon the inward eye; to paraphrase Wordsworth. And not just when in vacant or pensive mood. Though there are plenty of those.  When traveling, either by car or public transport, superimposed on the road in front of me are visions of a different road, different voices and cadences and a very different landscape.

Some random images and a couple of photos:

Charcoal grey lizards with burnt orange bobbing heads and darting tongues.

Roadside bags of charcoal, ready for sale, tops beautifully woven closed with broad grasses.

White-sand beaches, edged with red laterite and asphalt-blue roads


The startling white of egrets against the iridescent green of new-rice swamps.

Hills wreathed in early morning mist.


Keep plodding on.




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