There was a coolness in the blue air this morning as just after seven a perfect circle of red began to rise in the east. Wisps of ash coloured cloud wreathed the rising sun as mist evaporated from the hills.  A smell of ripening mangoes mingled with woodsmoke from the fires lit for cooking and heating water. An ubiquitous cockrel announced a new day.  Mornings in Sierra Leone never cease to fascinate me. Cool and fresh, the day is pregnant with possibilities and not yet sullied with petty disappointments and harsh words. If only it could stay that way!

Happy writing



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4 responses to “Sunrise

  1. Ah, the beauty of the written word, thank you.


  2. A beautiful lyrical account. I can smell those mangoes ( well almost).


  3. You can taste the sun in the mangoes. Those and beaches. Heaven. As you say am enjoying all this for the sake of others.


  4. Moze

    Jealous! Of the smells especially, for some reason. Sounds lovely, evocative.


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