A Narrow Escape

We are well into the New Year and everyone is reviewing their resolutions, bemoaning those they’ve already failed to keep and boasting about how well they’ve done with others.
Generally I don’t make resolutions, knowing from past, bitter experience that as soon as I utter them I almost certainly break them.
A resolution that I make every day (along with the ‘write more’ one) is to back up work. Masterpieces written on computers are vulnerable to all sorts of maladies including (but not limited to) viruses, hard drive crashes, computer freezes, inadvertent deletions.
Back up, back up, back up, is a mantra we hear almost as often as read, read, read, or write, write, write.
And I do. I try. I save to USB drives, I print out passable drafts, I save to another USB drive (to make certain sure). And then sometimes I forget. As I did for the month of January. The month of resolutions, of resolving to do better.
My computer is not yet a year old and this makes me complacent, sure, its not old enough, yet, to have encountered any virus and how can it crash when there are millions of gigabytes, or some such name, of space left on the drive.
But yesterday morning it came close. As soon as I opened up – to check email first , before writing. JIC, Just in Case, The Email had pinged into the inbox from the publisher wanting to buy my work, I heard a strange ticking noise. Not a bomb was my first thought. Too gentle a sound and anyway we don’t see many weapons of mass destruction in West Cork. Then my brain woke up just as the computer froze. Many, many agonising minutes of panic, of hitting control-alt-delete (the CPR of technology). And lo, the Gods were kind. It was back. Rescued from the brink. The rest of the morning was spent backing up. And, just this once, it was not displacement activity. Rather vital activity we should all be engaging in. Lesson learnt.
Happy writing.
Plod on


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