The Rhythm of Things

Finally took down the Christmas decorations delaying the task as long as possible. Enjoy especially how the lights dispel the darkness at the end of the year. But then I saw locally grown daffodils in the supermarket. The first of the season always have an intense yellowness that lifts my spirits.  Thus it was time for light of a different hue to hold the darkness at bay.

My novel, Cast a Long Shadow, is set in Sierra Leone where essentially there are two seasons, wet and dry.  Conveying the passage of time is then much harder as for months at a time weather is pretty much the same day after day. Other clues from nature have to be woven into the fabric of the story, mango season, rice planting season, the first oranges, the slight chill of the Harmattan breeze. As it is near the equator day and night are of equal length. Once again there is no ‘stretch’ in the evenings or the opposite of the nights ‘drawing in’

The challenge then for me, the story teller, is to show days moving on in a natural way within the narrative. To show don’t tell.

Keeping on keeping on!

Plod on.


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  1. “the slight chill of the Harmattan breeze” – lovely. Can’t wait to hear more of this.


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