Year End

The winter solstice is just a week away. The year will soon be on the turn. In the midst of frenetic Christmas activity, it is time for a moment of reflection. What has worked well in the last year? What could be better?

All those resolutions made at the start of 2013 are still in the aspirational phase. The novel remains unedited, or rewritten which is what’s needed. It has not been sent out into the big bad world so hasn’t garnered any rejections.

In the mid-winter darkness before the imperceptible, very welcome, stretch in the evenings there needs to be some careful planning. What will be the focus for 2014 — how many competitions, if any, will be entered. Should my energy be directed towards getting the novel ready to submit. Should I abandon the novel altogether?

Start another novel perhaps? But then it may end up in the same state as the work in progress. Languishing, neither completed nor finished.  My attention for 2014 will be to finish or complete Cast a Long Shadow. The characters deserve to be released from the hard drive, deserve to be allowed take their place in the world. They will learn that the world can be a cruel place and may not take to them at all. But at least they will have been given the chance to find out.

2014:  To see projects through to the end.

Keep on writing.


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