Elevator Pitch

Not only must the story have a concise synopsis but the writer must also have the elevator pitch for the novel.  Derived from the notion that some day you just meet be in a lift with an agent and want to tell them about your novel while you traverse the stories of the building. (Pun on stories intentional). How to present your novel in one scintillating line that grabs the agent’s attention ensuring they ask for more. And sign you on the spot in true fairy-tale fashion as per previous post.

Like the synopsis- formulating a one-line pitch for my novel is far easier said than done. How to sum up a high concept novel in just one line. And for that one line to be sufficiently attention grabbing. The process is not helped by the fact that the synopsis keeps changing.  Basically this means I still don’t know what the story is about. And that’s after at least six drafts of over eighty thousand words. Me thinks something needs rethinking here. But what is the solution?  Ditch the novel? That is unthinkable.

Then the only thing for it is- right, you’ve guessed it – to keep plodding on. Writing and rewriting, reading, reading,  reading, honing the words, polishing the sentences, making paragraphs that are coherent.

And always working out just what that one-line elusive, elevator pitch is for my novel.

Keep on writing.

Plod on.


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