Beginnning middle and end

To progress with the novel writing I’ve reached a stage where I think it is important to know how it will end. Thus the weekend has been spent working on the synopsis. The so called dreaded synopsis. It is difficult to condense into less than a thousand words the story that is told in more than 80,000. And yet. Yet if someone asks me what I’m writing about it is a reasonable assumption that I respond with a shortened version of the story. Articulating it verbally is one thing, articulating it in comprehensible English on the page or screen is a foreign language.
Not only did I notice last week that my main character was in need of a name change, in the course of attempting a concise summary she has undergone at least two very different life events.
None of the versions produced so far appeal to me so the battle continues to explain to myself– ‘what’s the story’.
As always, easier said than done. Plodding, word before word after word.
Plod on


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